Italia by Patton

I found out I was moving to Italy- some basic things came to mind regarding travel.  Among the first was a requirement to do a one-time visit to the real Oktoberfest.

Munich, Germany hosts the world famous Oktoberfest event (in September) where all their famous beer makers have one of the best parties in the world.  When we found out it was a 6-hour drive from Ferrara we started doing the research to go.

It was already too late to get tickets to the tents.  To enter the tents after 4PM you need a ticket.  They sell out almost the whole year prior.  We decided we could still go and enjoy the atmosphere.

When we arrived in Ferrara, we started asking around and there was already a group planning to go.  We found out where they were staying and found ourselves a suitable location (that turned out to be quite…

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